Simply, domain names are the Web addresses that tell the entire world where to look up for your online business. However, do you ever realize that domain name is one of the powerful and effective tools to embark a successful online business?

Always Register Alternate Domain Name Extensions

Relevant and memorable domain name is surely the criteria. But, in order to enhance the effectiveness of domain name for your business, multiple domain name extensions are important. Why you should invest on registering multiple domain name extensions? What happens usually is, people are more likely to Google your company’s name and not the extension (accurate web address). Whichever result the search engine would list first, they will click on it.  Thus, it is necessary that you secure your online web identity in such a manner that regardless which domain name extension people find for, they must lead to your website.

Before it, here the question comes, are the alternate domain extensions even available? Why waste your time if it’s already taken? Should you offer a deal to owner? Is it worth the expense?

Protect Your Brand

What to do to protect your brand? If you’re registering .com as well as for your business, this is a mistake. With so many cyber squatters and domain infringers out there, your brand is not safe. These bad sources will use your good domain name to create confusion amongst your audience.  And, will capture unsuspecting visitors using your brand name to their website. So, make sure that owner has registered rights to own a domain name.

Registering Descriptive Domain Names

Descriptive or generic domain names are a good opportunity to many companies for expanding their reach and bring more customers to their site. This more likely happens because more visitors are bypassing the search engine and they are typing directly into web browsers — the situation is also known as direct domain navigation. You see that’s the interesting thing about descriptive domains. Direct traffic can generate from anywhere – without a referrer, and it can be redirected to a company’s primary website.

Extending Your Domain Registration Term

While many people prefer to renew their domain name registration annually. It is suggested to renew it for extended time period. In case you forget renewing your domain name, this option is very helpful. Or, the other option you may choose is auto renewal procedure. Both aim for the same purpose. In addition, many search engines favor long-term domain name committed sites over the rest while indexing the website.

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