Why do you need to register all domains related to your business to prevent confusions? Read and discover more about multiple domain name registration!
 If you are investing money, time, and energy into creating your own online brand, how would you feel if someone hijacked it?
 You need to do something and protect your brand online! According to experts, the best way to protect your name is to register a domain related to your business.
Your domain name or URL is what you write in the web browser to locate your website. There are domain names that sound like they should be part of your online business and brand as well and if you don’t own these names, there is nothing to prevent someone from purchasing those names. Once someone owns those names, this person can do whatever he likes with the names.
You might think that this could never happen to you, but, there is a chance, so why risk it? If you ask around, it may happen to people you know and this is an opportunity for you to learn from their mistakes.
If you want to establish a successful online business, if you want to run a prosperous online store, and if you want to focus on your business, without dealing with these kinds of things, multiple domain name registration is the answer.
Here are 3 reasons why you need to register multiple domains:
1. Random people may buy your domain to trick people – Believe me, there are people out there who will buy your domain just to trick other people. This is not an accident. There are people who are looking for domain names to drive traffic to their own websites and if your domain is the best way to drive traffic to their website, they will certainly buy it. At some point, you may try and ask them to sell the name, but they may charge any price they want. This is an awful situation and there is no way around it. If something like this happens to you, find the best way possible to convince this person that this is your domain and it belongs to you and your brand.
2. People will buy your similar domains just because it is their brand name too – Here is one example – another person already owns one of the domain names. This person has a legitimate business and the domain name is just perfect. However, the business owner has been in business for many years now, spending thousands of dollars and hours creating a brand that now directs to someone else. There is another person who is starting a business and they have found a suitable domain name that is very to the first domain name. The first company has a registered trademark and they will probably will a lawsuit, however, this may be a super expensive process. The point is that it is cheaper to purchase the similar domain from the start and not deal with lawsuits later. And here is another tip – Don’t create your brand on someone’s else territory.
3. People can make spelling errors when typing your domain name – You need to keep one thing in mind – a common misspelling is possible. If you can’t accept the importance of multiple domain name registration, prepare to lose a lot of website traffic. If someone just heard your brand name, you would assume that they will spell the name right, but this is not always the case. So, to make sure you are not losing a lot of website traffic, you can register multiple domains and redirect them all to your main website.
 Protect your identity online and register multiple domain names!



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